Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship recipients. Each of the students have shown ardor and bravery while facing the adversity that affects their lives. SOAR is pleased to award them with the SOAR to College Scholarship in order to help further their academic careers.

Taima Ronish

Grade 12

White Mountains Regional High School

Brandon Hertzendorf

Grade 12

Fort Lauderdale High School

Awarding Criteria

SOAR will award $1000 to 2 recipients that are selected based off the following criteria

  1. Financial Need

  2. Academic Readiness/Potential

  3. Experience and Growth with Cancer : Our scholarship does not account for the severity of cancer, because each person’s case can be extremely different. Rather, we focus on the experience and growth the patient had and how it impacts his/her future in a positive way.






Giving cancer survivors and current fighters a chance to thrive in their secondary education.

Eligibility & Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a senior in high school or an undergraduate student in college in the United States.

  2. The applicant must be a cancer survivor or currently diagnosed with cancer, and does not have to be receiving treatment to qualify. 

  3. The applicant must submit an essay discussing the following question: HOW HAS MY EXPERIENCE WITH CANCER IMPACTED MY LIFE VALUES AND CAREER GOALS? Essays must not exceed 800 words. 

Applications for the 2019-2010 Academic Year are now CLOSED. Please look out for our scholarship to open again in October 2020.

"I am truly grateful for [the scholarship] and it means everything to me and my guys are already changing lives and I hope to see more lives changed for the better by y'alls hand."

Alec Zavala, 2019 SOAR to College Scholarship Recipient

Students for Oncological Aid and Relief

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