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Our Executive Team


Crystal Wang

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Crystal is currently a sophomore at Harvard University & Berklee College of Music. With 2 family members that passed away from cancer, Crystal was motivated to make a difference by starting this non-profit organization in 2016. When she's not studying for the next history exam or memorizing flashcards, Crystal is fulfilling her passion of making music and helping others. She recently released a single called "Soar With Me" under her stage name "Crystal King" in which all profits will be donated to this foundation.


Lauren Yang

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren is currently a sophomore at University of California, Berkeley. After discovering how much cancer can affect a person, she was spurred by her passion of helping others to help her friend create this foundation. She is truly happy knowing that her efforts with SOAR bring happiness to cancer patients as it also spreads awareness about this topic to the community. In her free time, Lauren enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.


Hannah Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

Hannah is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. In the past she was the secretary of her high school’s drill team, the markettes, and the copy editor of the yearbook staff. She has a kind heart and is always seeking to help others. Hannah enjoys creating art and volunteering at church and school. As pancreatic cancer runs in her family, she felt strongly tied to helping start this organization.


Nina Solovyeva

Chief Financial Officer

Nina, a sophomore at the California Institute of Technology, is committed to raise cancer awareness. Nina has family and close friends fighting this disease, giving her more reasons and motivation to make a difference. While school and studying takes up lots of time, the rest is spent on a tennis court, training every day in order to succeed in the thing she loves. 


Rahul Mathilakath

Chief Communications Officer

Rahul is a sophomore at the University of Texas. With a grandfather who died from cancer, Rahul feels passionately about using his skills in networking and public relations to help benefit this organization. In his free time, he enjoys reading, eating, volunteering, and rock climbing.

Claire Qu- lab headshot.jpg

Claire Qu

Medical Liaison

Claire is currently a freshman at Emory University and is dedicated to cancer research and awareness. With two family members currently fighting cancer, Claire was driven to take action. She is delighted to help cancer patients and collaborate with researchers through SOAR. When she’s not reading through class notes, Claire likes to dance, volunteer, and hang out with friends.


Eric Kwon

Medical Liaison

Eric is currently a freshman at Washington University in Saint Louis. After experiencing cancer affect a family member first-hand, Eric made himself a promise to set out and assist those suffering from cancer. In addition to SOAR, Eric is pursuing CAR T-cell cancer research to help patients in the operating room as well. When he has time away from classes and homework, Eric enjoys playing tennis, streaming on Twitch, and playing the violin.

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