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What is it?

SOAR is creating an application that will utilize aspects of music therapy to curate personalized music playlists to help cancer patients and all teens with their mental health. The app will also allow users to connect with each other and join support groups with similar music tastes.

Why we're doing it

Music Therapy has been proven to reduce many mental struggles including anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue, and pain (all of which can be commonly caused by cancer treatments.) It also improves social skills, relaxation, memory, concentration, and comfort.

Current music therapy apps that improve mood and mental health are either widely focused on children or have a very limited music selection that doesn't cater to one's specific preferences.

Especially in times of COVID, patients and all people have limited interaction with friends and family. Connection with others is integral to one's mental health. This app fosters connection between users with similar mental struggles and interests in music

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