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What is it?

SOAR is creating an application that will utilize aspects of music therapy to curate personalized music playlists for cancer patients to alleviate high anxiety or depression common during cancer treatment. The app will also allow patients to connect with each other about their mutual love for music rather than their cancer diagnosis.

Why we're doing it

Music Therapy has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, nausea, blood pressure, fatigue, and pain caused by cancer treatments and life in the hospital. It also improves social skills, relaxation, memory, concentration, and comfort.

Current music therapy apps for cancer patients are either widely focused on children or have a very limited music selection that doesn't cater to one's specific preferences.

Especially in times of COVID, patients have limited interaction to friends and family while in the hospital. Connection with others is integral to improvements in mood.This app allows patients to connect with other patients with similar music tastes

Who we're looking for

App Developers

People with experience in AI or Machine Learning to help with the backend development of the app


Passionate self-starters to secure funding from grants and sponsorships and planning the direction and impact of the app

Graphic Design

Creative artists working on UI design and promotional marketing materials


People with a medical interest in cancer to work with patients and oncologists on developing app features, understanding its impact, and beta testing


Basic understanding of music copyright and music therapy to license songs, categorize music, and build a music catalogue of various genres

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